How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Ahmedabad – Check e-Challan Status e challan Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat and is the fifth most populated city in the country. It is also the second-largest cotton producer in India and is quickly becoming an industrial and economic hub in the country.

e challan Ahmedabad

With so much on offer, Ahmedabad has attracted thousands of people every year and is quickly becoming over-populated. To get around the city, people are investing in vehicles to get from one place to another and has caused extreme traffic congestion in the city. But, thanks to the use of the e-Challan system, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police have controlled the traffic significantly and are slowly putting an end to law breaking on the streets.

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Ahmedabad

How to Pay Ahmedabad Traffic Police Challan online through “Ahmedabad Traffic Police – Challan Payment System”

Step 1: Visit

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Ahmedabad – Check e-Challan Status e challan Ahmedabad

Step 2: Enter “Vehicle Number”

Step 3: Click on “GO”

Step 4: Check all the Challan details and click on “Make Payment”

Step 5: Choose the Payment Method and complete the transaction

How to make payment through the Ahmedabad Traffic E-Challan Mobile App

Anyone who uses a mobile phone and wishes to make their e-Challan payment online through the official mobile app, follow these steps

Step 1: Download the Ahmedabad Traffic E-Challan app.

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Ahmedabad – Check e-Challan Status e challan Ahmedabad

Step 2: Install the app and sign up with the requested information

Step 3: Enter Vehicle Number and click “Get Challan Details”

Step 4: Click on the Challan you wish to pay and make the payment

How to Check the Status of Traffic Challan in Ahmedabad?

If you want quick access to the status of your Ahmedabad challan at the Parivahan web portal, you are required to complete the following steps:

Go to the official website :

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Ahmedabad – Check e-Challan Status e challan Ahmedabad

Now you have to click on the option for checking the challan’s status.

Provide information regarding the challan number or vehicle number or driving licence number.

Enter the Captcha code on the webpage.

You will now receive the details of your e challan Ahmedabad.

If there are no e challans issued against you, then the webpage will show that no records have been found.

Ahmedabad Traffic Police Challan List

Traffic Violation Fines imposed by the Ahmedabad City Traffic Police
Driving a two-wheeler without a helmet Rs. 500
Driving a four-wheeler without wearing a seatbelt Rs. 500
Overloading a two-wheeler Rs. 100
Speaking on a phone while driving Rs. 500 for first-time offences & Rs. 1000 (subsequent offences)
Driving vehicles on the wrong side Rs. 1500 for three-wheelers Rs. 3000 for LMVs

Rs. 5000 for heavy vehicles

Not having a driver’s license Rs. 2000 for two-wheeler vehicles

Rs. 3000 for 3/4 wheelers)

Driving and unregistered vehicle Rs. 1000 for two-wheelers Rs. 2000 for three-wheelers

Rs. 3000 for four-wheelers Rs. 5000 for bigger vehicles

Obstructing emergency vehicles Rs. 1000
Breaching of pollution norms Rs. 1,000 (lightweight two- wheelers)

Rs. 3,000 (other vehicles)

Traffic violations that attract e challan

These are the violations that will cost you an e challan in Ahmedabad.

Underage driving


Driving without a licence

Driving drunk

Driving an excessively polluting vehicle

How to pay e-challan offline in Ahmedabad?

Here are the best methods to pay your e challan payment offline in Ahmedabad.

Pay in cash to an Ahmedabad Traffic Police with an e challan machine.

Pay at the Ahmedabad Traffic Police headquarters.

Send a DD, Pay Order, Money Order, or cheque to the headquarters.

Traffic Rules and Regulations to Keep in Mind

Here’s some basic driving discipline to follow in accordance with the traffic rules in Ahmedabad.

Don’t drink and drive.

Ensure that your vehicle’s registration and other related documents are up to date.

Ensure that your vehicle has been insured adequately.

Keep all documents with you or in the vehicle at all times to be able to produce them when required.

Don’t use mobile phones while driving.

Follow lane discipline.

Don’t skip signals.

Park only in designated areas.

Always wear seatbelts/helmets.

How to pay e-challan in Ahmedabad Video?